Beauty Pageant            Ben Franklin                    Berkshire            Chum                    Clueless                Confessor            Deal Maker            Earl of Stone            Elvis in Hell            Ennui
Facet-Man               Friar                    Friendly-Con Man    Going to Heaven    Going to the Dentist        Goofal                    Gossip                    Ground Cur            Happiness     Horned Blue Man



       Mud Pie                Ossified                    Paleness                Prom Night                Red Man                Resentment        Righteous Singer        Robin                    Saxon                    Schmo   
    The Sailor                Snorkle                    Sunshine                The Sailor          Uncle Fred            Untitled                Irsine Visitor                Viking                        Wolf            Yosmite Gargoyle

Yosmite Gargoyle




Ira Crowe


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