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Classics/ Greek Drama ISBN: 978-0-9818162-4-1  $8.95 USD

Medea by Euripides

Translated by Ian Johnston

Euripides' Medea, first produced in 431 BC, has long been considered one of the great masterpieces of classical Greek drama and has attracted attention in modern times as one of the first great works of feminist drama. The play pits Medea, a murderously passionate barbarian princess, against her husband, Jason, the leader of an expedition of Greek heroes who set out to capture the fabled Golden Fleece. Jason was successful on that voyage largely because of Medea's help, which required her to turn against her own family. They returned together, became husband and wife, and had two children. Now, however, Jason has married a princess of Corinth, and Medea faces an uncertain future in exile. Her response to this threat is the basis for one of the best known and most horrific plots in classical Greek drama.


Ian Johnston's new verse translation stays close to the original Greek text and offers a fluent English version, one which is particularly well suited to stage presentations of this famous work.


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