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At Richer Resources, we are dedicated to the creation of high quality books, art and other media intended to enrich the lives of individuals of all ages. 
As an independent publisher, we are bound by a sense of integrity and quality to produce products which enhance the lives and vision of individuals everywhere.

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What Others Have Said About This Book


I'm really glad I read this book because there were some mortgage types that initially sounded like good ideas until I read about them in this book and looked at the examples given for each one. I could see what damage some loan types can actually do to unsuspecting buyers! I took an economics class last semester that talked about different types of mortgages but I never understood any of them until I read this book. Thank you in advance for saving me lots of money :)














Before reading this book, I hadn't the slightest idea about mortgages, the lending process or owning a home. This book laid out in a clear and concise way how mortgages work and how interest can affect your home loans. I had no idea it could take so long to actually begin to pay off your mortgage! For someone who barely made it through high school math successfully, the examples provided by the author help to illustrate the points made in a way even a math-challenged person can comprehend. I now feel I have the knowledge necessary to be able to own my own home sooner than I thought possible. The author communicates to the reader in such a way that it feels she is right there with you, explaining the whole process in a casual conversation. If you are feeling at all confused about mortgages and loans then pick up this book to ease your nerves.                 



I recently bought a house and this book TOTALLY helped me on how I could actually OWN it instead of the bank owning my house. With the way the market is today this book will help you feel more in charge of buying and owning your home as opposed to feeling crushed by the daunting interest rates. You will be VERY suprised as to what REALLY goes on when it comes to financing your home.



This book opened my eyes to the lending world. It explained in very simple terms how the different mortgages work and how much you actually end up paying for your mortgage. Iím really mathematically challenged but this book was very easy to understand. It absolutely made me feel better about the whole home buying process



I recommend this book to anyone who wants to own their home sooner and not get mired down in all the confusions of the home buying process.

                                                                                                                                                         Real Estate Associate

Read what others have said about this book.