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At Richer Resources, we are dedicated to the creation of high quality books, art and other media intended to enrich the lives of individuals of all ages. 
As an independent publisher, we are bound by a sense of integrity and quality to produce products which enhance the lives and vision of individuals everywhere.

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Why Should I Buy this Book?

If you've ever wondered how mortgages work and what you can do about your own mortgage, this is a definite on your reading list. If you have a mortgage, or are thinking about getting a mortgage, the information in this book can save you thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can own your home sooner.


Much has been said and written about the increasing number of homeowners facing foreclosure, but little attention has been paid to upcoming home buyers to ensure the same situations donít occur to them.

This book makes a great gift for anyone with a mortgage and explains the mystery of mortgages.

Our new book, Understanding Your Mortgage, will show any homebuyer or home owner how mortgages work, what they need to look for in their mortgage and how to avoid many of the pitfalls experienced by previous mortgage holders. It will teach first time home buyers what they need to know to feel comfortable in taking on a home mortgage.

Banks will help them with the logistics of getting loan approval and real estate agents will help them find a house but, in the end, when they are alone with themselves and their new home, they have only themselves and the knowledge they have acquired to see them through.

That's why the information in this book is so valuable. Home buyers want to understand their mortgages in a way no banker is ever going to be able to explain it to him. After all, knowledge is power. With understanding, the chance of the new home buyer losing their home will greatly diminish. This basic text empowers home buyers by giving them the tools they need to own their home without fear of foreclosure or loss, so that they can make better choices than some of their predecessors.