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You are my favorite poet.

I have made a return visit to your incredible site and read most of your poetry and it is truly of immeasurable excellence. I would like to offer you my award for poetic excellence, you rightly deserve it!!! ...thank you...and keep writing! Red Rose Award for Poetic Excellence

Poetry is the soul breathing, a gentle sigh, harsh exhalation..always proof of life. I was touched by your beautiful poetry. It was a caressing fingertip down my spine.<smile> Much too often, I have found, most men unwilling to open and breathe...I yearn for it. Those whispered words in the dark that I must please accept my gratitude for your words..<sigh> Does wonders for my spirit, as well as my envy, to imagine a man somewhere, speaking to a woman, with his soul...absolutely beautiful..
I think your poetry is great I would love to read more. I think you have a special talent, you have inspired me to keep writing poetry
your poetry really touched me and moved me
I just wanted to say that I love your poems
Wow, Kevin! that poem on how to write a poem showed some real talent. A lot of people ... write and write and never have one good poem, but yours is a funny yet sweet satirical one! I love it!
O m g!! Those are soooo sweet !! I love your poems!!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of Poetry. I enjoyed every single one ... so beautiful and expressive! I loved the one especially about not waiting until "death" to miss "me" ... miss me when I am near ... that is so true! ... I am so happy that I "found you"
I fell in love with so many of your poems that it was/is difficult to say of which I love the most! Certainly will share your site with friends of poetry and hope that they too fall in love~
hey I was reading your poems today.....gosh you're good!
some beautiful work
You have some very nice works
I enjoyed your poetry so very much. I also loved being able to hear you recite them. It brought them to life for me and gave them a different meaning. You have a wonderful gift and talent.
okay, I have a question for you, are you the author of these poems posted on your page?? I loved most of them and I need to find out who the author is of the poem "BESIDE YOU" I need this info for a class assignment.
Kevin, this is a most delightful and thought provoking work. You have done well. I have printed it off to read anon with a glass of Harvey's Bristol Cream. [Re: Razzmatazz]
Your poetry is very crisp. I enjoy it very much.
We have read your poems and liked what we have seen so far.
I love your poetry
hey some of your poems are really good then some of them aren't too bad
PS. I would have said more, but I'm honestly at a loss for words!! your poems are wonderful!
Dear Kevin I just love your poems they are from the heart.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR POETRY.....! It hits home in my heart.
I love your poetry. You totally inspire me to write.
Wow that was excellent! Thank you so much. I wish I could be as great a poet as you!
very good poems:)
a magnificent poem
hey, just wanted to say I love your poetry, especially "Beloved." Your poems are the style I have been trying to find for myself for quite awhile. :)
I am pleased to inform you that your recent submission, Fall, has been selected for publication in the November edition of Mind Fire Poetry Journal.
Hey you know - you are a really good poet, my favorite poem would have to be fold me. I'm not sure why but I just loved that poem.
you made me smile!!!
One of my students came across the geocities page and your poem, "I like." I found it delightful myself and was wondering whether I could make a copy of it for my classes next semester. I would put it up on a course web page with your name...
Assistant Professor
Slippery Rock University
I just want you to know that your poetry is so beautiful. I would love to see more they bought tears to my eyes.
hi I think that ur poems are great
ur poems really do touch my heart.
I really enjoyed your writing
wow u are awesome
Your poetry is very beautiful... my mother appreciated it very much!!!
have only read the first few poems and they are very, very nice
"sometime..." gets it just right
at a loss for words now
that's what I've been trying to write for ten years
very good, very nice, very sweet
I am envious
I'll have to add you to my list of favorite contemporary poets, i.e. Pablo Neruda, Mari Evans, Audry Lourde, and others. I particularly like the poetry of the Harlem Renaissance. Gotta go to class. I'm a law professor at the Southern University Law Center.
I think your work is breath taking. In a way you lifted a broken heart
I like your poetry. Lovely
you have a wonderful gift of words
I thought your poems were great!!
I've read most of your poems and I have to say that of all the poets here, you're my favourite. I really like your work so please Keep it up! :)
Great poetry! I really enjoyed it.
I've been writing poetry for years also and wanted to tell you that you have a wonderful talent, particularly for short form lyrical works. Millennium, fold me, delicious and skin dance are, I think, examples of what you do best... I wish you well and, please, do not stop writing poetry ! Your talent is rare.
I don't like a lot of male's poetry. I found yours to be so refreshing. Keep up the good work!
I really enjoyed your poems.. you are a good writer.. Keep up the good work
I have read your "love poems with an attitude" and I really enjoyed your site.
I enjoyed reading through your poems very much --- thought provoking --- excellent work !
please come take my Mona Lisa award for keeping the
arts alive with POETRY the food of the gods:)
You have a lovely site and the poetry is very stimulating.
your web site, is a sight to behold. the references and links are wonderful. an inspiration. your poetry is music.
Everyone should read Tao and Angelness at least once a day! Thank you for sharing your poems with us. Miracles to you!
I love poetry and I write too, I thought that the poems that you have here are really beautiful, they were all great but I just loved the one that's called fold me, I thought it was really great and I love the little rhythm that it has and I love the words!
I love this site... all the poem are awesome
Think I liked the Black letter verse stuff best.
This is a wonderful site... now dog-eared.
I like your poems a lot. I think they are cute.
I really enjoyed reading your poems
Loved reading your work. Quite subtle, but expressive.
I've rarely seen a more classy, beautifully done site, and with wonderful poetry as well! On top of that, to hear the poetry in streaming audio, from such a talented reader, well, it all makes for a real treat!
I really enjoyed reading your poems... keep up the good work.
This is a beautiful and aesthetic site. It's nice to find a site like this.
I love your poems
Your poetry sings from the heart, and I am going to read more...EXTREME KUDOS POET!
These are some of the best poems I had read. The site is the best one I had found in my search. The poems are great and they have a lot of meaning to them.
Beautiful site . . .
I am entranced by your poetry.
I enjoy reading poetry that is derived from the heart - not having to necessarily rhyme - some of the best, deepest poems don't rhyme. I enjoyed your site. The way you write is as if not thinking, but feeling then expressing. I like that.
I read the love poems and they were very touching.
I really enjoyed the poems! :)
I really like the love poems.
I really enjoyed reading through your poems they were all really great...
I liked your poems
I really liked 
Nutshell and Beside You. Especially Beside You, that was excellent. You are truly gifted.
I'm very pleased with what I've found on more than one occasion.
Delightful poetry,
Caresses all my senses,
Beautiful design.
Kudos to you. Keep up the great work!
your has truly touched my heart and soul.
I love your poetry.
You offer great insight. Thanks, Kevin!
Your poems were wonderful! They made a lot of sense:)
I was very impressed with your poetry, wit, charm and writing in general. I have been at your site for a while and ... What can I say about your site except it is very lovely, the layout is classy... your poetry is what poetry should be... May God bless you and I hope you never run out of your passion for writing. You are truly a talent.
Impressive writing. Yours is a great gift.
I'm impressed
Good work, lots of wonderful reading...
I enjoyed the love poems please get more
As I looked and read what was from your heart, and the art absolutely awesome. From one writer to another, keep your pen in hand, and be in touch. Thank you so much for sharing with us all your thoughts and great poetry.
Your poems are wonderful, especially the birthday one... that's one of the best I've read yet.
... great poem guy. I wish you had a larger audience. I'm really glad to be a part of the audience you've got. Great stuff. Keep it up. [Re: Psychiatree]
I wish I'd written this... got any more like it? [Re: Psychiatree]
your poetry page... is wonderful and depicts many emotions I have been through at one time or another. I loved them.
Thank you for the ... chance to read and enjoy your poetry. It is beautiful and reminded me of some the feelings and emotions that I have been trying to find again. Relationships are hard, but the right words can put everything in focus. Please continue to write the words that touch souls and move mountains.
Kevin ... You're poetry was awesome .... you have a gift ... and a unique one at that.... thanks for sharing it.
Your poetry is quite lovely...truly. Please continue writing, as you have such talent, and so much to offer...
That's a nice poem Kevin. Thank you so much, I really touched with the lyric as I did not celebrate my b'day this year with anybody... [Re: Birthday Poem]
Thank you, Kevin, for the invitation to walk the stepping stones of your poetry website. I enjoyed your poetry very much. What inspires you? Is it personal events or observation? I will guess more of the personal event is in your words. Your work flows very nicely... much like a gently stream. I hope to be invited, again, to dance through your thoughts.
...really am enjoying your poetry - especially "Beloved" - that one really flows!
Great poetry
Kevin those poems were enticing. I loved every word of them.... You are a very beautiful writer and don't let anyone put you down for that.
Kevin... I did find some poems to my liking. in fact I would like it very much if you would let me post some of your poems on my page. it is, of course, up to you, but I think your poems are very good...
That was just so cute I copied it and made a plaque for it..Thank you so much. [Re: Birthday Poem]
Thank you for the nice poem!! [Re: Birthday Poem]
I enjoyed your work
Just found your MIKU not many people understand nor can do has to come from ones heart...BEAUTIFUL
You made me cry, made me lonesome as well as feel good... made me think of my lover, best friend, mentor, teacher, companion... THANK YOU for inviting me into your heart!
Your poems were awesome.
J'ai lu vos poèmes et ils sont magnifiques.
L'écriture est tel un oiseau qui prend son envol
Continuez d'écrire vous avez beaucoup de talent.
I was a bit overwhelmed today while I explored.. and read.. explored ... and read.. and oh my!! . and very much enjoyed myself. I love the layout and graphics very much as well.
Thank You, Kevin! They are beautiful! My favourites: *Beside Me* * Fold Me* *Nutshell* *Sometime*
Your poetry is beautiful! I'm definitely not a poet, but make a wonderful audience. I have felt much of what you write about... Thank you again, for your lovely words.
All I can say now is WOW!!!!!
"Sometime" ( my rising sap
into amber crystals that
fall to the ground
and each crystal of
frustration becomes a
precious stone)
... IT IS INTRIGUING, VERY MUCH a redwood grove, we all embrace under Gaia's surface
HEY, your poetry site is wonderful
Kevin, I liked this one a lot... [Re: Nutshell]
good work...keep up the good job!
I read the poems on your page and I thought they were excellent.
I enjoyed your poems
Quite a strong start to the day in your shockingly guiltless little prayer. [Re: Spare me the Lecture, Father...]
I loved all the poems.
Your poems were great, I really loved them..... they inspired me a lot....
I was actually smiling reading your poems.
--thank you so much for the touching poetry... you have a place in my heart...a tear has fallen
I've been to your website, and have enjoyed your poems very much indeed.
the poems "sometime" and "Nutshell" really touched my soul from deep within, a true blessing, thanks for sharing it with me and giving me a taste of joy in my heart.
You write very expressively, and I have enjoyed a few moments escape.
I do think your poems are wonderful!! I liked all of your poems, and in no way could I choose a favorite!
I found your work to be exciting and inspiring...
I like your poems there really good
I love your poems.
You have captivated the imagination and are truly a gifted poet with a deep understanding of love...A sense of gentleness and passion arises from the words on the pages and give arise to the meaning of love... You have the gift of expressing all that others feel within and I thank you and encourage you to continue ...May you keep being inspired and continue with your gift...
Would you mind if I added your angel poem to my poetry site?
I love your site, the visual tranquility of these pages in contrast with the visceral impact of your words, or more accurately your voice. rising out of this quiet design, livid & ragged then suddenly whispering & whimsical & of course there's that sarcasm, right at the edge... your paradoxes are excellent, almost balanced between the existential extremes, as is necessary for poetry, at least the way I see it. I love your site, have I mentioned that?
...your site is incredible... my coffee is now tepid... the laundry in the dryer is probably wrinkled... I'm still behind the screen when I should be out feeding the hungry or volunteering at the hospital.. but I'm here, and I'm happy... *laughs*
I checked out your page, and I really enjoyed your poems. I must say that you have some definite talent.
your poems are very heart felt
I love your poems
I love your poems. They are pretty, especially, "Beside You."
I did really enjoy your poetry, especially "I have no heart..." and "Sometime...". I love the way you put the words together with such feeling.
I loved your birthday poem. It was really funny!
I just have to say damn I like it
Your poem was beautiful!!!! [Re: Birthday Poem]
there were some pieces of poetry that caught my fancy/eye. VERY good stuff man, keep up the good work.
Those are really good poems. I enjoyed them a lot... they were really true to the whole love thing ... so yeah. anyway I just wanted to say that those poems were great.
Wow, what a great poem. You have been blessed with talent, I hope you use it often and that it brings you much joy. Thank you for sharing your talent with me. I will cherish it for a long time. [Re: Birthday Poem]
Your poem reminds me of my husband -- he hates lectures, unless of course, he's giving one. [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father]
That is EXACTLY the kind of poetry I LOVE!!
Thank you ... I enjoyed your work.
Wow, those were great poems.
Thanx - I really enjoyed and trust there will be many more in the future.
O Magi speaks to a pain I've not known, but have glimpsed.
Thank you for the... chance to read and enjoy your poetry. It is beautiful and reminded me of some the feelings and emotions that I have been trying to find again. Relationships are hard, but the right words can put everything in focus. Please continue to write the words that touch souls and moves mountains.
I really enjoyed your poems. I must say that you have some definite talent
I enjoyed all the pomes
As I was reading "Untitled (for a Reason)," I began to think of just how easily the human mind bends, like clay to the sculptor. We teach ourselves to fight and not to hurt, and perhaps we need to bleed a little bit. I think this particular poem emphasizes the intensity that one gains in basic independent thinking.
I checked out a few of the poems on your site. They are very impressive.
I like your poems a lot.
I enjoyed your poetry very much. What inspires you? Is it personal events or observation? I will guess more of the personal event is in your words. Your work flows very nicely... much like a gently stream. I hope to be invited, again, to dance through your thoughts.
Well it is me again. I just finished another page of your work. I was mesmerized. Thank you for sharing your work. I have truly enjoyed it.
I've enjoyed reading your poetry on the arcanum site. Know what, I'm going to save it, to read again at leisure. I've a personal preference for work that is structured, not necessarily by rhyme and rhythm, but work that shows evidence that the words have been thought over, carefully selected for emphasis, sound, alliteration, etc. I seem to read so much that just seems like an outpouring of emotion, which, however valid and genuine, fails to impact because of lack of thought and discrimination. Thanks for this. I find it highly entertaining
By the way, I don't know if you know this, but you were posting poetry a year or so ago and this is what really revitalized ME as a poet. There was something about your poetry that I really liked and I started writing again, which I hadn't done for about 25 years. I just wanted to thank you for that.
I did read a few of your poems and enjoyed them very much. Have you ever thought of publishing any of them?
There is a lot of crappy "poetry" out there... yours is not. It was really interesting to read.
I visited your page, and I was impressed with the look and feel. It has a very professional look, and also does a good job with the art. Nice art. I enjoyed your poems and applaud the courage and tenacity it must have taken to get them there.
The poem is lovely. Just wanted to say THANKS. It made my birthday special. [Re: Birthday Poem]
Me gustó mucho el poema. [Re: Birthday Poem]
That was a great poem
I am really glad I found your page. They were very good poems.
What a gorgeous little website! Well done! I loved the poetry - you sent me the URL and I stopped by, loved them so much that I decided to put them up on my site as soon as possible. [Re: Linkware]
The poem was very nice, it made me smile! [Re: Birthday Poem]
I read a few of your poems - they are absolutely beautiful. You must have a large amount of passion just welling up inside of you for something so powerful to come out in such a poetic manner.
I wish I could write poems just as well as you... You don't know what it means to me to read poems that I can actually relate to.
I really enjoyed reading your poems....they really made me think of how deep someone's love can be...I hope to find someone to share these lovely poems with..keep up this wonderful work..
Thank you so much for... your poems, they were very beautiful.
You are very talented.
you are the coolest!! it helped make my 16th birthday just that much better!! you poem was super cool and made me smile!!!
totally cool
I like the poetry page a lot. Do you mean that those great poetry are written by u? Whoa!!! In future, if u have any new pieces... please share them with me
You are a very talented poet and I enjoyed your poetry very much.
We have another poet who comes down from time to time, name of Kevin Taylor, the drive-by poet. Every now and then a rock comes through the cafe window with a piece of paper tied around it. That's Kev. Don't hold your breath, and don't wait up late, you never know when he'll drop in, uh, drive by.
What a lovely poem! It's so whimsical and cheery--just my style! ... Did you just write it recently? I'm going to print it out and share it with my friends! [Re: Birthday Poem]
...the birthday poem!!! It was beautiful!
... Beautiful words of inspiration :) Your girlfriend/wife/lover or whoever must adore you!!
Kevin Taylor, the link to your poetry is the best birthday gift! Thank you very, very much. My favorite of all (word person that I am) must be these four lines:

And as the sun drew from its sliver
Silver skirted seas of slate
That day that God had twice divided
Saw her shadowed sun too late

Beautiful on many levels.

You are indeed greatly talented.
The poem is the sweetest thing I have ever read. I am going to pretend that you wrote it JUST for me. [Re: Birthday Poem]
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the beautiful poem!!! That was wonderful. In fact that was the nicest poem anybody has ever written to me! (even if u send it out to others :) ) [Re: Birthday Poem]
I also looked at you site and read all your beautiful poetry. You are very talented...
Your poems are beautiful and I would LOVE to read more....!!!
nice work.
your poetry means more to me than you would ever know. I laugh, I cry, I treasure every word you write, you're words have helped through some tough times, some hurtful times, and also good times. please keep touching every soul you can possibly touch
As if you gripped my thoughts and twisted them into honest eloquence. Thank you.
I visited your web page and really loved it! Your poetry is so simple to understand and follow . At the same time it shows you have such depth in your awareness and feelings. Thank you so much for allowing me to share it.
Kevin, your poems are legendary. I read the main page and like "beside you" most of all.
Thank you for the nice birthday wish. I appreciate the poem. Usually my birthday's aren't that great for one reason or another, but the poem really cheered me up and made me think that things will look up.
You have written some very fine poetries
Love your poetry
Very well done.
Your poetry goes far beyond reality.
Yet is sings to me.
Like soft whispers.
Your poems really touched my heart!!!
Your poems are beautiful.
you don't know how beautifully timed your message was and your music is beautiful
I like your poetry very much
I thought your poems of love were just out of this world. I hope to see more of them in the future. They really make my day.
I liked your poems. I think they are really good.
I LUV'D your poems. :o) the 16 one was my favorite. simple yet to the point. keep on writing and feel free to send me some poems in e mails. brighten my day with borrowed words :o)
I would like to copy some of your poetry into my journal, if that's alright with you.
I read every poem of yours and I really liked them. You are very talented, and above all it is amazing the way you write...
WOW!!! Your poems are great.. I have found several that I liked.. Thank you so much for sharing them with me..I am going to save them in my favorites file..Keep up the great work
I really love the poems you write... please keep writing ... you could probably help some people out there.
Your poems are truly a treasure to read and ponder.
I have read thousands of poems.. and written a few myself. I found your work to be exciting and inspiring...
your poems are wonderful!!
I enjoyed the poems.
I have really enjoyed your Poetry!
I love your poems. They are pretty, especially, "Beside You."
I enjoyed lines or phrases such as "between the iris and the glass" and "tree-soul"
I enjoyed your poetry very much
there were some pieces of poetry that caught my fancy/eye. VERY good stuff man, keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing some more
Your site looks delicious. So understated and elegant. But the poetry is the best.
the poetry isn't half bad. :o)
Kevin is one of those rare poets who can use words to create feelings. I really got a kick out of reading them.
This has to be one of the most wonderful pages I have ever had the pleasure to brings me a sense of tranquility and that is a rare gift me thinks *S* I enjoyed your poems...your life story and I think...this will be a place I come to again...
Congratulations Earthling. After careful search of your planet's computer network I am awarding you our planet's "Surprendre Prensus"! This is our Highest Commendation and is presented to you in honor of your contributions in the field of Poetic Literature. You are indeed the most creative and artistic poet on Earth today and the most popular on Scitirc. If the great art of poetry is revered on your planet as on ours I am sure your legions of adoring fans will be reading this and cheering you on your latest achievement. I bid you well... . Nayr T.Tocs Chairman: Intergalactic Council For Promotion and Preservation of Great Art and Literature
What a gorgeous little website! Well done! I loved the poetry ... loved them so much ...
You are a wonderful poet Kevin. May I have a favorite : "Beside You".
I open your website and read the poems you wrote. I think they are really excellent. It seems you are a veteran when it comes to talking/writing about the love.
the poetry is wonderful
Just wanted to tell the poems are excellent!!!
beautiful poetry
I like the poetry you have here, it's very good.
your poems are wonderful...
I really enjoyed reading your poetry. It made me stop and think
Your poems are fantastic, so much emotion and feeling in them,
Your words touched me deeply and unfortunately, remind me of how alone I am. But they are beautiful.
I am in heaven, and dream of dreams! this was a fleeting visit! but shall return soon! liked what I see! could kiss, you! for the invite! made my day! x
Nem5 Web Maggic Platinum Award of Excellence
You are the first to receive this award. Congratulations. Thank you so much for all the work you share so beautifully. I have enjoyed many hours at your site. It is one of my favorites.

Hurray, hazuzas, applause, noisemakers going. [Re: Razzmatazz]
I viewed your page long enough, that my coffee got cold, my feet slowly made there way off the floor and up, and my timer BUZZED after about three hours. Your poetry is fabulous and the manner in which you present yourself through the creativity of this site is brilliant.
I love your poetry. I think we tend to think alike where love is concerned but you word yours much better than mine. Keep writing, it's beautiful
...for some reason I started with The Firefly Tales,, It was dark out when I read it, I was on the sea, and in the storm, I felt sorrow, and fear, Beyond climbing away from the darkness, I was inspired and with peace, upon reading 
Angelness, I will keep reading them for a while, You are very serious and yet versatile, Always a journey, always a ride.
you are a great writer
I enjoyed your poetry very much.
Enjoyed reading your poetry...insightful & thoughtful. Your play on words...delightful.
beautiful web site -- loved the line ... "to make satan weep...." and the " if every man you met was God..." [Re: O Magi + What if every man you met was God...]
-Hey - nice poem used a unique description of how the 'Muse' visits you :) ...very original! I loved the dialect :) [check earlier]
I really enjoyed some of your poems
Great poetry...!
excellent poetry
Wow. Wow, and more wow! Kevin, this page is so wonderful! These pages, I should say. The words are beyond incredible. I love the fact that you read some of them, and thoroughly enjoyed listening to your voice. So much of a poem is personal, and it's unique to be able to hear the author's point of view. Everything is faultless, and I can offer no suggestion other than that you should keep writing until the day you die. You are incredibly talented.
I have truly enjoyed reading your poetry... I read poetry on a frequent basis, I suppose, and I read a lot of poetry published online. Yours has struck a familiar chord upon reading, though... I will be back to read more; it touches something personal inside. I really like "Angelness" and I admire the way you are not afraid of writing what isn't expected. That element is what gives beauty to your work.
That got both [of us] laughing out loud! [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father]
Good poem there, mate [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father]
Cute!!! :):) [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father]
May I have your permission to share this with a ... business associate and friend? [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father]
I love the poem.
I've cut my teeth on the Clancy Brothers so I know how to read it in style. [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father]
God, I laughed. I lived in Ireland for 3 years and that really took me back there. You must be Irish! ... Great poem! [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father]
I really enjoyed your site, it was filled with great poetry, very easy to navigate, and though the design is simple, it is a lust for the eye! This site is a very welcome addition to our Poetry Links Section and you therefore have won our highest web rating, 5 stars! This makes you a winner of our Award of Excellence (5 stars)!
What can I say but "Wow!" Your poetry was excellent. I cannot begin to state how much time I had to sit back and ponder about your work. It was good indeed.
Absolutely wonderful page!! ...your poetry is excellent! keep up the fantastic work
This is very beautiful (I'm quite fond of Oriential art) and your poetry is exceptional. Thanks again!
wonderful poetry.
I liked a lot of your poetry- you have some serious talent! :)~
I really enjoyed your story and the poems.
Wow! You are an amazing man... Such thought and wisdom... I am very impressed with your poetry, your site... Your words are so beautiful... Thank you for sharing them with us, well with me... : ) I can't wait to read more of your wonderful poetry...
I stumbled across the Poetry Corner, where your gorgeous poem absolutely took my breath away... May I post a copy of it near my writing table? [Re: Incandescent]
enjoyed "spare me the lecture father"
I just visited your poetry site again, and once again, I feel like I've gotten a boost of spiritual communion. I love your work. I'm so critical of poetry, usually, unless it really speaks to me personally I have a really hard time reading it. Yours speaks to me personally, and it's so smooth and beautiful, too. High communication and high aesthetics.
your poetry has old world charm but "Pageant Of Dawn" is my fav by far this has a feel of life of death of cold but waiting for the sun to come and make you warm once again which the sun can be compared to love in many ways this poem is like a love poem of the night and of the day very lovely like the poet's words that dance before the readers eyes... and one more thing your layout of your page is beautiful like being in a magic garden just as the first morning star wakes in the pink sky
Good stuff! I'm no expert but I tink yive captured yer Irish brogue. [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father...]
I am the webmaster of Dalityapi, and I am presenting select literary sites on the WWW with graphical award in recognition of the effort, talent, and value invested in such sites. Today I proudly present your site poet-ch'i - the Dalityapi Literati Award.
Kevin Taylor's cyber-home. With insight, humor, and an abundance of talent, This accomplished poet performs miracles with words. He'll make you laugh, he'll make you cry, he'll make you believe in poetry. [Suite Top 5 Websites] 5 stars
You have a great talent... I liked the one titled "Nutshell"
Wow. Your poetry is amazing
I enjoyed very much visiting again and reading your wonderful, thoughtful, and thought provoking poetry. Your poetry has much beauty as well as wisdom and truth
My God! Words fail me.
Thank goodness they don't fail you!! I love it!!
... I think this would make a fantastic song, or ballad. Do you ever set poems to music? [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
I really like the poetry and the layout of this site. My visit here was very peaceful.
You are a superlative poet. You do well with those dialects. [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
Fun, and wise. [Re: Accident]
I visited your site and put a big, big bookmark on it. You are an awesome poet.
Thanks for signing our guestbook and leaving us some very nice poetry.
Elegant and attractive website. Each web page is appealing and simply delightful. Thanks for the wonderful visit. You have an excellent home page.
Dear Friend! ...Yours is a wonderful site, especially the Haikus and the poetic background. Keep writing more things of light.. to brighten our long dark night.
great work Kevin
I have just read several of your poems. I read the one entitled "Sometimes..." I like it best of all. Using the metaphor of the chair at the end... very moving.
You are deft in the wielding, words are left yielding, folks are left-fielding gathering them up! (allow me to borrow a few of your words) - Thank-you for inviting me to your poetry pages. I find that the trip has been more than worthwhile and that I am leaving with a pocketful of poems and a bookmark for several friends!
I liked these. [Re: miku]
I did enjoy your poetry immensely.
Amazing! You're poems are some of the best I have ever read! I'd have to say that my favorite is Psychiatree.
Thanks for... sending me your web site with your poetry - it was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it all.
Very nice pages. Beautiful poetry. Interesting life.
I just read it ... and love it, and think it's perfect! This is really great. [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
wow. that about covers it. think you've got the entire curriculum in there, including the hidden ones. [Re: How to write a poem...]
Great line (as I'm sure you already know <g>) - to dance upon the lips of Death one last time [Re: How to write a poem]
I've enjoyed reading your poetry on the arcanum site. Know what, I'm going to save it, to read again at leisure. I've a personal preference for work that is structured, not necessarily by rhyme and rhythm, but work that shows evidence that the words have been thought over, carefully selected for emphasis, sound, alliteration, etc. I seem to read so much that just seems like an outpouring of emotion, which, however valid and genuine, fails to impact because of lack of thought and discrimination. Thanks for this. I find it highly entertaining
You have won the 
Crazyboy Hot site of the week. [April 20th, 1999]
I did enjoy your poetry immensely.
You are a poet Kev. and that's the simple truth.
That is the truth.
...very poignant.. [Re: Veni vidi lamentari]
I just finished another page of your work. I was mesmerized.
In Tiger words... Grreeaaattt! Love the "can't be hanged twice" analogy. Very Clever! and your use of the vernacular is very effective. It gives a strong sense of character. and the rhymes scheme and slant rhymes, o, me o my... O and the whimsy.... [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father...]
Good God man!
You must be a lyric archaeologist.
You have unearthed the root of all do-wop! [Re: Joy of Kitchen]
I truly enjoyed your Black Verse. Especially "How to write a poem". And yes, "Sometime..." The last 3 lines made me laugh. I liked the humor in the end.
I really loved the way you handled this poem. Goofy dialects can (and VERY often do) end in such atrocious disasters. Also, it's very hard to write a decent get-the-hell-off-my-back poem without looking like a whining little wuss. You've overcome so many pit traps in only three stanzas!!!!!! I envy you. [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father...]
I liked this, Kevin. It's very wry and the line breaks are wonderful. [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father...]
I can't offer critique, but I think you've done a good job here. I enjoyed it. Like the way you ended this as well! Nice work [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father...]
Your work reminds me of Taoist writings I have studied. [Some] poetry is meant to shock and cause dissension.... yours is peaceful and calm and has much more feeling... Yours is meant for caring adults (of all ages). Thank you for sharing.
As I was reading "Untitled (for a Reason)," I began to think of just how easily the human mind bends, like clay to the sculptor. We teach ourselves to fight and not to hurt, and perhaps we need to bleed a little bit. I think this particular poem emphasizes the intensity that one gains in basic independent thinking... Thank you - I will come again and again.
I love the layout of your elegant and understated! ... I enjoyed reading your work!
Wow! I had never imagined that something like this could be done. Too cool. [Re: Joy of Kitchen]
I love everything I've read so far.
WOW A+ [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
Really liked this Kevin! :) [Re: Spare me the lecture, Father...]
I love the galloping rhythm of your poem that keeps me moving! [Re: The psychiatric doctor...]
Lovely. Just absolutely stunning. I must say that I am very surprised indeed. You're not a *girl*, nor a *teen*, nor *depressed* nor a *Tori Amos* quoter. I am very, *very* pleased. I enjoy learning from those with actual *life experience* and wisdom. Which you definitely have. I loved the life story - the audio idea is just great. The story of you and your wife was just incredible and so dramatic and romantic. I Also loved the poetry - incandescent was just, . . . wow. Well, I shall leave now, I don't like rambling on in a groupie-esque fashion... ::smile:: I will return.
Just wanted to say that I REALLY love "Beside You"..... you write very expressively and beautifully
I really enjoyed your poems.
Forgive me, your poetry is lovely, but I feel I must apologize in advance for getting the most enjoyment out of your "Irish Ditty": I chuckled a great deal, and I do like to chuckle.
You have a beautiful homepage and I love the poetry. I think "If Every Man Were God" is my favorite.
You have a great talent for poetry, and I appreciate the simplicity and honesty of your art. Keep up the great work, and congratulations.
I have made a return visit to your incredible site and read most of your poetry and it is truly of immeasurable excellence.
I have enjoyed many hours at your site. It is one of my favorites.
VERY cool! [Re: Accident]
Made me smile.
Your other one, about the gypsy souls, made me cry.
Very excellent.
This is great! [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
AMAZING! I love it! [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
:):) Great poem! [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
You are amazing Kevin. ...and you continue to write things I read. [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
I enjoyed that! [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
Cool poem! [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
Amazingly beautiful. What else can I say? Please keep up the unique work
"Excellence is the final step for success" You, my friend are damn near close. Your webpage is one of the best out there. ...
What a wonderful website, filled with good design and thought-provoking poetry. Thank you
Dear god, this site is beautiful... in so many glorious ways. Captivating, lovely, and delightful.
Bravo, friend. Bravo
Ok, You have an awesome talent for writing. I have only been writing for about 3 years and love when poetry isn't modern!!! and yours is definitely not [written in the] modern way of writing. Love the use of words etc..GREAT JOB!
beautiful works here, the Irish ditty was great, light, caring, free works
I've been to your site before and like always your site is pure excellence. It looks like a classic. The poetry is so unique, that sometimes I feel like [I am] reading from a 16th century poet. Not to say that you're old :)
I've found myself often returning to your page for its incredible content and passionate approach... you inspire my writing I must say...
I love the poems. They're unique and special
I was touched by the word's of your poetry.
I wanted to know, have you always had a poets heart? ...
Something you wrote made me pull out a few of my journals and start to write again.
Hey! This is one 'heck of a' cool poetry site!... would it be okay if I were to link your site at mine?
I love your poetry web site
My first encounter with a site of such genuine reading - look forward for more
I love that! [Re: 1999]
Whoa dude, cool poem, that bit of work bounced round nicely in my head, made it a pleasant read! If you keep writing this stuff, I'll keep readin it dude! Its very good...... [Re: I am not your teacher...]
Liked this one Kevin [Re: Beloved]
Very nice Kevin! [Re: Beloved]
I adored this... I enjoyed the flow and the enchantment so much, I read it four times. [Re: Razzmatazz]
this is sweet.. [Re: Between 16s]
Quite entertaining, thanks! [Re: Pannin' fer Rhymes]
I reckin' this is one of the best thangs from you I ever read. Yep. [Re: Pannin' fer Rhymes]
Excellent rhyme scheme, lively meter, great execution. [Re: Stone Age]
I like this one, it rings so true. [Re: Razzmatazz]
Great piece of work! I picked up a beat the first verse and a tune the second. Pat yourself on the back! [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
I LOVE this poem! I am really enjoying reading your work [Re: Beloved]
loved your poem!!!!
it's one of those you have to read under your breath to hear your tongue trip down the words like water down a rocky stream. [Re: Razzmatazz]
I luv it. [Re: 1999]I like it a lot, kind of a cross between Shel Silverstein, Lewis Carroll, and the poems in Calvin and Hobbes :^>
It's fun, I'm gonna save it. Re: Psychiatree]
Wow! I'm kinda' at a loss to how I should comment on this...needless to say I loved it. It just came from a world of imagination so far away I'm not sure I'd be able to get anywhere near it. It was like one long mind-expanding ride through another world which I suppose is exactly what art is meant to be. Or it was just funny. [Re: Ripple-tide]
wow... very good. [Re: Razzmatazz]
er... interesting, to say the least [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
Wow, over
(I really liked this poem) [Re: 1999]
I enjoyed your stuff quite a bit... Particularly enjoyed the 
Pannin' fer Rhymes bit.
As far as where good poetry can be found online, well, it's pretty rare. Honestly, your site is one of the first I've seen.
Naughty boy! Boy, was this a fun one to read! [Re: Psychiatree (a satire in verse)]
Verrey Nice. [Re: Accident]
Lovely love poem. [Re: Beloved]
great work on this...have you written the music? [Re: Raggy Boney Souls]
an absolutely finely designed and beautiful love poem! good, unobvious rhyme too, no small feat. [Re: Beloved]
Having had six books published and spending weeks and weeks searching various web sites (most of it bad poetry) it was a pleasure to find arcanum cafe and read some good stuff.
I believe Members of the Jury...was your best effort
I have visited your sight quite often and am continually inspired by your poetic works on whole.
Beyond literary readings, journal and 'zine publication (electronic or print) as well as a current honours undergraduate degree in English Lit. and Creative writing with the prospective opportunity to attend the Humber School of Writing this coming July, I would like you to know that I do indeed admire your work from a critical as well as artistic standpoint.
Great poem you posted in the of the best of yours I've read.
for some reason that was pretty cool.. I mean I dunno what about it , but something caught my attention (that's purdy hard to do) .. I likes. [Re: Psychiatree]
I can hear this piece being said by a cracked out band with a buncha riffs cutting over much of the words... if that makes any sense... fast tempo I believe [Re: Psychiatree]
What struck me about your poetry was its power. The power of a man who has explored many spaces. A man of this earth. And yet it is shot all through with spirituality.
I liked your poem
I hit your link this morning and your page is beautiful! You can bet I'll be exploring it further! Gotta get ready for work now though. I did browse the miku ... Good, nourishing work!
Way to go, Kevin...(the new guru!)!!!!!!!!!! Perfect.
Beautiful Kevin!
It's beautiful.
That was wonderful.
Very cool. Beautiful! Moving and all... Thanks.
Very aesthetic!
Awesome, Kevin!
That was very beautiful, Kevin.
Very Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's very, very nice, Kevin. Thank you very much!
Romantic this one, with its lavish and extravagant sense of itself. Nicely done. Fade to grey to green and shade in between, most colorful and exciting the hues of passion that spin out and beyond. [Re: Beside You]
Beautiful website Kevin! I'm bookmarking it and sending the address to all of my network.
Man, you have got some awesome poetry - my favorites were 
nutshell and seraphim
You have a great talent... I have read a few other poem pages on the web but I must say I like yours the best ... keep up the writing
Very nice poem, I like it.
Another classic. Wonderful! Thank you very much! [Re: Last Will]
I just read your "Last Will". I wanted to tell you that I am proud to know such a rabble-rouser...-)
Nice concept for a poem. I wished I had thought of it.
a tour de force, unforced! [Re: Razzmatazz]
Bravo! [Re: Razzmatazz]
Wonderful!!! [Re: Razzmatazz]
Poet, how you rhyme with ease.
Please do not take offense
at this poorman's flattery,
'tho rhyme is new as fresh-churned
cheese, and alliteration walks
the road of time, so much that
passes now for free
is merely so much flatulence.

Thanks, I'll have a chaw of my mixed metaphor now and doff my Pioneer Seed floppy hat to you. [Re: Razzmatazz]

This isn't easily done-- why you don't see many of them on poetry sites. The free wheel rolls faster down hill, than a rhymer rolling one up.
This poem is a defense for rhyme-- not unlike Samuel Daniel's defense of the art against Campion's claims that rhyme too jackets the poet, that "it enforceth a man oftentimes to abjure his matter, and extends a short conceit beyond all bounds of grace."
Count me as one of rhyme's defenders too.
I think this poem very good. [Re: Razzmatazz]
Just a note to say I very much enjoyed your poem 'Razzmatazz'
Amen [Re: Last Will]
Great poem, Kevin! I got chills.
Love this, Kevin. [Re: I am not your teacher...]
I thought your poetry was really good, especially liked "Members of the Jury...".
I like this. Nicely done.
ABSOLUTELY adored "Beside You" as a particularly clever poem, deeper than it looks at first value!!!
Kevin is perfectly capable of enigmatic (and deliciously so ;) [Re: I am not your teacher...]
Nice page of love poems
I went by your homepage and read a few of your poems. You're very good ... I guess you sort of knew that already.
I visited your site and loved it. I think it's really aesthetic and simple. Nice.
Impressive. :o)
Absolutely loved your poetry. I haven't read all yet.. I'll be back. Loved "I am," and "Tao". You obviously have a way with words.
I love this! Did you write it? It's about the most clever use of words I have seen, ever. "Premeditated meter"!! That is terrific! [Re: Members of the Jury...]
What beautiful words you have written here.
The poem you sent was exquisite! [Re: Aurora Angelis]
My favorites: Spirit-essence, Angelness, I am and O Magi. My, you are talented!
What an absolutely visually stunning site! Really really great! I'm sure I'll be here for quite awhile enjoying all this site has to offer! Great job!
Kevin, your site is very lovely. You have taken such care in your graphics and layout. Wonderful! ... I enjoyed your writing, and you're right, our "I Am" poems are so very similar. So where were we in another life, eh?
Did you write Angelness? ... I think it is beautiful.
Actually, I read the poem in a Scottish brogue. I thought it most ingenious with the way it flowed that way and challenged me to puzzle it out.

Some artful leaves wisht sprig had went ter fall agin
Wi' trees an' branches drummin' colors inter rime
au-tum au-tum au-tum-tum-tum / au-tum au-tum ... Kevin Taylor

You know, one of the things I enjoy most about your writing is that I am constantly learning new words and about new things such as fiddleheads!

see-sawn summers
mother's broom
autumn figures
sylvan moon
winter settles
lean and dusky
spring sees
fiddleheads a-busking
Kevin Taylor

Kevin , WOW !!! I really Loved this one !!!!!! [Re: Am I...]
I liked the poem, Kevin, the style with which you presented the message, although I think I disagree with it, twas well writ. [Re: Am I...]
What a wonderful poem. [Re: Pretend...]
Award from Ed's Cad Designs
Excellent. Simply excellent.
Your page is absolutely incredible. Your words are like soft whispers of love. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent.
Kevin: your site is superb... simply damn good. "I am the fulcrum" was particularly significant to me.
The Vivek Award
Much to read and I've placed a bookmark to return. did wander through poetry on poetry and spirit-essence... excellent
the poems are awesome
Just finished reading some poetry about the spirit and love in your web site and bookmarked it for more pleasure later.
You wrote some very nice poetry.
WOW! What words you weave! What pictures! What power! Great poem Kevin! [Re: Aurora Angelis]
Enjoyed the poetry.
Oh! Shakespearean and well-spun! [Re: Aurora Angelis]
...well... you could keep writing beautiful poems. I'd say you have one helluva good start, Kevin. I'll keep my eyes open for yours.
Congratulations, your work has been accepted into the 
Cybertown Showcase!
Damn good poem, Kevin!
I like a poem with a ramrod message.
Call me a snob, but I haven't much cared for the poetry that I've seen - quite the contrary. Yours, though, was an exception.
I do so love your poetry. It has a whisper of Shakespeare and a hint of the old Druid flame, but it comes from you, that is apparent.
I do enjoy your poetry. You're quite good.
I write some poetry as well, and I read others', but there is not too much of what I read that I enjoy. I enjoy yours, and I understand it.
Bravo... [Re: To the wind, these words...]
I think you are a wonderful poet
Rara Avis Award for Poetic Excellence
The Godmother Rose Award of Beauty Depicted in Poetry
GRRREAT song Kevin!!!
Thanks for sharing it!
Thank you, this is beautiful.
You are true talent. Also a unique one.
Wow! I loved your poem! You see? ... so many of us are artists!!
This is very profound.... No further comment is warranted as it communicates so well.

Artistic Reality Cool Reality Award

You are definitely on the road to freedom and moving forward. Your awareness of freedom and responsibility shows in your poems... You are one of the freedom fighters, fight on.
Lovely, Kevin.
I like that, Kevin.
Nice poem. Thank you. Yes, let's reclaim our divinity. It is overdue.
Good poem, Kevin.
This is a very impressive poem.
I liked your poem. Would it be OK if I forwarded it to my 19 year old son...
Bravo, Bravo!!
Nice poem!
Geez, guy! It's ... very strong. Very ... old memories.
One thing is for certain ... you should keep writing ... and SHARE!
That was great
Okay, Kevin, now you're makin' me wish I had kids!
Thank you for sharing!
this is soooo darling! thanks!! and thanks for that rhythm idea...
This is good! Does it have music?
Wow, great imagery throughout. I like it a lot!
Aesthetic, cleverly simple and efficient , and VERY playful!!
Love it!
Good poem
That was the most most beautiful poetry. You took me there. I have been there with you, and I'm positive others too. I'm a jazz singer and composer...and an artist, like you. Great, just great.
The Critical Mass Award
Very nice.
wow! very clever. meter and rhyme scheme really added to the levity of the poem. I found myself snickering in a couple of places.
Very elegant!!!
Great poem
Your poetry, if you will forgive my evaluation, is not only aesthetic and highly impinging communication with emotional impact - it is clever and intelligent. This is a quality that I also appreciate and find very stimulating... It is [Re: Psychiatree]...satire (and quite brilliant in my opinion - absolutely cuttingly hilarious!)
Ouch! Very strong! I think it says it all!
I just visited and read and laughed my head off. I REALLY enjoyed your page, and your poetry. Well done!
P.S. especially love the shanty and the psychiatree ones!!!
interesting style. have you written anything else?
I really did like the style. I am verbose and turgid but don't like same in poetry I read.
...those were really great, I duplicated the tone from which they were communicated and I enjoyed them VERY MUCH! Please write more like them, if you get the inspiration! They are appreciated, and I know others would appreciate them too, if not everyone.
After I read your poems, I thought you should publish a book of poetry. Have you? Will you? I'd buy it! Last book of poetry I bought was by Zbigniew Herbert, of all people, great 20th century Russian poet, but I'd run right out and buy yours!
I read it, Kevin, and it's awesome
Great poem. Clean lines. Precise.
...I realized what I like about YOUR poetry - it is so damned HIGH TONED! You are so gamesy and spirit of play, and I love that!
Well done! Shorts are not as easy as they look! [Re: O Magi]
That made me fly! Fantastic
Gotta tell you man this one has potential, and definitely rocks!!! Great work!
Wonderful imagery there.
Great poem to read, it's dark and thoughtful.
Kevin, that's absolutely, eloquently beautiful!
Key Site Award for Excellence
Nicely done! Such lovely mythology!
And thanks for the poem, most certainly applies (applied) to me, too!!! I like it very much.
love your poems
Nice. Very nice verse, Kevin. Keep doing it.
Great poem! Thanks for sharing.
It's very, very nice, Kevin.
You are a master.
This one really duplicates exactly the way I feel..
Good one! I'm sure many people will really enjoy this one.
Nice, Kevin. Very nice...
Great poem. I feel the same way...
This is very cool Kevin, thanks :)
Thanks Kevin, for another jewel!
I think your poems are wonderful
Kevin, may I gush if only for a moment? I have read, listened, inhaled, and gorged myself on your words. fabulous, fantastic, facetious, even familiar. you are extremely talented (though I suspect you know this already) and your words speak, shout out even, of the purity of poetry.
thank you for your time, and believe me when I say, your poetry touched me, you have phenomenal talent.
Very nice...
WOW! What words you weave! What pictures! What power! Great poem Kevin!
I like this one Kevin!
Very Nice!
The reality of your poem has touched me very deep Kevin....and I cry now from the thoughts of almost might have beens. [Re: The last thought to form...]
I just wanted to say that I finally listened to your poetry - and it sounds wonderful!! Well done. I especially like the Stone Age Poet - absolutely brilliant!
I can remember the 60's and 70's [hard to believe, hun] poem's were poem's back in them days... hahaha commune's and religions were founded on one good poem, a poem much like the one you wrote...
I personally thought it was marvelous... I thought it was hilarious and so right on!
What a glorious site, you must be proud of such an achievement. I must say I enjoy your poetry very much indeed, I have a quick question, what's your motivation? what fate has befallen you to create such passion?
Great poems...!
I really like your works. absolutely outstanding piece. I have printed it out and read it 19 times a day. There is not a word out of place and it says everything there is to say. Your work is getting finer by the day.
... nice Kevin ... reminded me of Wordsworth ... Keats ... I've witnessed the lights and they are magnificent ... you have, in a subtle, perhaps surreal fashion ... captured the images. Thank you for that. [Re: Aurora Angelis]
... beautiful meter and subtle images are .... oh, I don't know ... Taylorian ... very nice piece.
I generally don't like poetry. In fact, I don't even read it. But this one made me stop, I read, and I really loved it. It reminds me of a sonnet. Very very nice.
This is DEEP, it grows upon me as I read it again!
You are unbelievable. I love your concepts.
I really like this one!
I love your poem
Love it. Write more.
Such a nice construction this poem has! It really communicates the situation and the feeling, elegantly.
Beautiful Poem, Kevin.
Very nice.
Kevin, This is beautiful! May I have your permission to pass it on to others
This is a very sweet poem, Kevin.
Thanks. I really liked this one.
I like this, Kevin. Good work.
Love it Kev!
Extremely beautiful. Interesting - I seldom *ever* read the ... postings. Something about yours (title + the communication itself ) called to me. Wow.
I like this very much. :-)
Very sweet, thanks
This is yummy!
Beautiful poem!
Loved the poem.
Good one Kevin! I liked this a lot. I haven't seen the Aurora Borealis for a number of years. Your poem definitely captured its essence. [Re: Aurora Angelis]
Wow! What a poem!
I must tell you that in my opinion you have moved up to a new and higher plateau in your poetizing. I love your poems. They now seem more succinct, more meaty, more packed, even more like poetry!! They stay with you. They inform and tease.
I loved this poem. It really impinged on me. thanks you so much for sharing it - I decided it was my present for the new year!!
Nice one! Made me smile and amused me.
Great poetry today Kevin.
I really enjoyed your poems
Kevin, this is fine, fine work. A simple but ultra-classy site design, great poetry, and the best author bio I've found yet, the latter two made all the better by the fact that I could listen to you rather than just read. Hooray for streaming audio!
I bow to the king, who has ruptured my mind.
In One Word Kevin... Fantastic!!! 
Nutshell ... Love ... and I Am were some of my favorites
Kevin, I love your site. Fab layout and design, really easy to move around and your poetry just sings! I love "Voodoo" that made me giggle with malicious glee and I will definitely be back again to read all of your work when I can spend some more time on the Net. Thank you for creating such a beautiful place on the web!
I wanted to send u e-mail to thank u .. and tell u how much I like ur site .. ur poetry of course is... I am afraid that my words will look ugly in front of them and ... the design of ur page is also great u are great poet .. web designer ... I am proud to "know" u
Surfing ur site makes me feel good :)
Your poem "I am" is stunning!
"Beside You" is, well divine. I absolutely adore it. "Her altar hips, your praying lips..." The poem was at once sad, yet made me smile. I am bookmarking it. It touched me...and that, is beyond mere words. Thank you.
I really enjoyed the poetry.
I especially love your Irish Ditty !!!
The poetry is wonderful and heart felt. It's good enough stuff that if I saw it at a book store I would pick it up and buy it.
Really like "Fold Me"
specially I liked the romantic poems
I like your work... you do a good job.
I loved your poetry.
Your poems were just FANTASTIC... Your imagination was superb... Well Done!
I like your poetry
I have only read the Romance section but I really enjoyed your work... I am sure I will enjoy all as much as I enjoyed what I have read so far... Your work is beautiful!!!
I love the poetry...I feel sometimes I am the only one out there that loves all kinds of poetry and my favorites are poems that make you reach deep within to appreciate what you are reading.. You have done an excellent job....I will visit here often...
I really enjoyed reading your poetry. I particularly liked the ones on Spirituality...
The spiritual stuff is not only poetic, but thought provoking!
Keep up the good work
Well Kevin I must say!!! Your poetry is beautiful...for sure I will bookmark you page...:o)
I especially like the aesthetics of your web page as well as your poetry.
We have enjoyed your original poetry, and you have a wonderful selection... We especially liked the poems of yours entitled "Space Tag" and "The Perfect Word". You have wonderful talent.
Though I have only read the Romantic poetry thus far, I must tell you that your work is truly great! I especially loved, "Beside you." You have such a unique way of expressing emotions. I have bookmarked your page to return for more! Also, your pages are very beautiful!
Great Page.....loved your poetry.
What a great web site you have... I just love it!
Hello..I was fluttering by looking at all the wonderful sites and found yours..Most interesting to say the least..Beautiful poetry..
I loved your poetry... Great work, and keep it up...
Your site is excellent & so is your poetry. Never stop writing.
As a patron of the arts, I love your poetry. Thank you for sharing it.
I must say... your poetry is EXQUISITE. I love it. It's beautiful, wonderful, fabulous and all sorts of other superlatives that I haven't thought of yet.
I love your poetry
I enjoyed your poetry- especially the apocalyptic "Pageant of Dawn".
Great Job Kevin!! I really enjoyed your poetry, please keep on writing...the net never has enough poetry...
I'm back for some more honey from the hive of one of the best writers on the web. I just dance inside your words...and am captivated by the seamless way you weave a web of delight. ... TO ALL WHO SEE THIS. This is a benchmark site, a landmark for hallowed words. Stay...and read. Its an experience you won't soon equal or forget. Thank you, Kevin, for sharing your soul with all of us.
great poetry
I truly enjoyed your poetry. "Lady Lady" reminded me of Emily Dickinson
What a sensationally constructed site - elegant, thoughtful and blazing with an honesty and humour too that is wonderful to behold. As the web fills with this magic, surely the world is made richer.
Nice. This is my second visit and I will return again and again. For a poetry fix, this will do very nicely. Thanks for turning me on.
When a web site makes you pause, linger, download, bookmark, laugh/cry, and return again and again, you know you've struck a goldmine - and that the webmaster has the Midas touch. My gratitude, Kevin. Keep the entrance open!
Oh Kevin, what wonderful poems!!....I really loved the time I spent in your pages. I'm definitely coming back for more...
Your site is pretty cool. The poetry is excellent.
Your poetry deserves the credit of interesting also non-english speakers, such as this one. It's been a pleasure to read it and to listen to it. What a wonderful idea! I've bookmarked it and will come back for more.
I love the sound & the fluency of your poetry. It's sort of flippant & funny & so honest.
enjoyed your poetry!
Kevin!!!! Delighted, inspired, laughing and wondrous! How much I enjoyed myself is only indicated by the HOUR AND A HALF that I spent here! So much pleasure in your words... Your humor and satire are quick witted and wry and yet there is great poignancy in your other words. A real poet encompasses ALL feelings...Pure delight! I'm glad I made my way here...bookmarking for more..
I really enjoyed the Samuel Clemmins on acid twist that camouflaged absolute great poetic work. Haven't read everything yet but I will, ya'll count on it, hear?
I love it even more reading it again. It's really a great poem. Publish a book. Really! Well, at least one copy, for me! I think you're great!

Very nice and quite well put.
...this poem expresses a sentiment we have all experienced.
Aw Kevin..that's great - you got me!
I liked this piece a lot. Really well- written, and it flows beautifully.
I really like poems like this... Ones that I can understand. Some are just too esoteric for me, I have to admit, but I sure liked this one!
Thought this was great!
well done and thank you for reminding all of us!!
Really enjoyed that little ditty!
Very nice and quite well put.
Really nice poem. I enjoyed it immensely and I don't say that lightly.
I have read this one again and it still has that affect of "such few words spoken have said so much." excellent job...It is not so easy to say so much in so few words. [Re: O Magi]
The American Legion - Post 694, Gold Wing of Excellence Award
Kevin, this is brilliant!
Enjoyed your poems!
Very nice!
The darkness is DEEP------------- here. SATAN WEEPS? [Re: O Magi] Awesome hyperbole! For sins this deep there is no personal atonement. Only Christ can cleanse sins this deep and give a hopeful outlook. You're a unique talent. Keep on writing. God bless you! Good to meet you.
Wow! so much said in just a few words! Look forward to reading more of your work!
Nice. I don't read all the poems, but that one attracted my eye, especially the heading. It was very nice.
Great poem
I really love this poem... I printed this poem out to save. I really like it a lot.
Mr. Taylor, you have impressed me much in recent days. I love this one. Keep em coming!
Your work is by far some of the BEST and most creative-non-mushy work I've seen. I loved every one of them!!
Creative Writing Award
Clever poem.
I Like your latest oeuvre!
I've noticed a common denominator to all your poems (my perception of): They are all FUN! even the "serious" ones, to me, include the spirit of play, even if ever so subtly.
I must say this is excellent.
wonderful and clever, clever, clever!
I Like it !
well I like it...
Absolutely fantastic! I really enjoyed this!
Well done! ...You are very talented! Keep em coming!
The poem - brilliant!
I liked the whole thing.
That is really very nice.
Bravo again!
marvelous! so well done!
Wow. I'm glad I chose today to visit this group, or else I would have missed this powerful and moving piece. Thank you.
Great! Very powerful sounds and rhythms which convey the sense of conflict! Well done!
Clever and cute. Liked it a lot. Unfortunately lately I've read a lot of poetry that should be illegal. Some might say I've written some myself! Especially liked...premeditated meter and ...a declaration of words! Nicely done!
When I first quickly read this it seemed frivolous and capricious. Something made me go back, however, and read it again slowly. Then it hit me. This is a wonderful piece. The closing is great! Thank you so much.
We Care Award
Great job! Very well-written.
I enjoy your poems a lot, but this one is my favorite... I love it!
Kevin, I loved the line 'rise on screaming sterling wings'. nice job.
Pretty good, Kevin, pretty good.
I enjoyed it
The flow in this poem is wonderful...Fantastic job
You have quite a poetic voice and a way with words. Bold. Precise. Capturing.
I love you - you are the greatest - what a wonderful poem!!! Do you know how clever you are? I really love it.
Damn, Kev!
Nice work!!
Very cool!
This is truly masterful, Kevin.
Thanks for writing it.
Clap! Clap Clap Clap Clap!
very nice! :)
This is great, Kevin.
Bravo! Bravo!
Nice poem!
Fabulous, love it!
Very impressive!
Great poem. ( maybe send it to the New Yorker ? they print poetry)
Members of the Jury ... drove by my home early this morning and invaded my space with a happy playful aesthetic wavelength that still shimmers in my study as I write to you. Thank you
GA's Bronze Award
Well done! Yes.. Very well done.
after reading your last two poems today - the A to Z poem and Members of the Jury - I had to write and acknowledge your creations. So thank you ... for these creations.
The first two lines of Members of the Jury stopped me live in my tracks, the rest was just as impinging and I have not recovered all day. Thank you.
Thanks for that great poem. I enjoyed it.
I like that a to z poem...
Oh, BTW, I looooved your A-Z!
Awesome Kev, I really liked it.
I love it
I love it!
Wow, I am quite impressed! That was not an easy feat.
Kool, Kev!
Started my day with a smile, thanks to you!
I do not usually read the poems ... but yours intrigued me so I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised.
I like it, it reminds me of Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. Great meter. I also like the light hearted drive-by versing piece I read the other day. Thank-you for sharing this work
Nice rhythms, like a falcon in the winds.
...I had printed it out so I could take it with me and read it again and again, and was in such a rush that I left it in the printer - I was so disappointed. I think it's very terrific!
This poem really is incandescent. I have an afterimage in my eyelids when I close them now.
You are a gifted wordsmith!
I really enjoyed reading your verse. It has a touch of the old zeppelin magic!
keep up the poems man!
Beautiful Kevin! Your poetry is truly poetry. I love your use of the "precise language"...
I love the classical quality of your poetry. We don't get to talk like that very much any more, and it's a pleasure to hear "the old ways."
Best of the Web Award
The Silver Dawn Award
This is very good. This has epic potential - both in subject matter and composition. Would you consider extending it? Regardless - it has reached that in my universe as it says so much with so few words while leaving vast gulfs of mystery to speculate and create on.
One of my more favored metaphors,
hello! I loved your poem!!!!
Good Job.
That was cool! Thanks Kevin.
Very nicely done.
Enjoyed your latest posted poem. That hit home for me!!
Hey, nice poem again.
I have read all of your poems and they are all GREAT!
Thanks for the many poems.
I really like your poems and thanks for sharing them.
Your last poem that you wrote = "If I call you - love" - I thought was
I LOVED YOUR POEM!!! I expected a "cute" poem, but got instead a really GOOD poem.
Lancelot's Award of Excellence
Enjoyed your poetry a lot ;)
What a beautiful poem!
HOLY (bleep) Kevin, I've been checking out your poems, man, can you write!!!
That poem really communicates!!!!
Not a bad set of poems
I like your poetry.
I liked it quite a lot. Many thanks.
I loved your new poem The Fishers' Sea!
I checked out your website and read some of your poetry.
Excellent work! far out wild poem.
Great work, Kev!
I was in a serious mode until I read this poem.
Thank you
That was a WONDERFUL poem! I love it! :)
Good one!
Great poem, and while I don't really remember my first trike, I certainly can recall the feelings you described.
Thank you
I love your poem -- love its rhythm, clean, well thought out. Love it!!
Good fun!
I loved it. Pure fun and delight. Bravo! Bravo!
Great poem.
I love your poetry
Very cool, Kevin.
I read your poetry page for breakfast! Nourishing and quite tasty...
Oh, it's wonderful! I love it!'s very light and fun and entertaining.
By the by, you have a fan club, my... best friend ...and myself were speaking last night about poetry for some reason ... We both commented how much we like your poetry.
I really like your tricycle poem. I love how you capture the essence of something and communicate it so fully with rhyming words.
It makes me wonder if there are bandwidths to poetry.
I love this piece!!
let me congratulate you
Snooped some of yer poems. This is way cool!
The poems are great... It's a gift to be able to use words like that.
This is really delightful, besides that it is awfully good poetry.
Send more.
yummy poem!! ;) it's very vivid to the point of giving me chills up and down my spine. "the poetry of red and white the poetry of pedaled motion"... great!! ... my favorite line would have to be "left the trike and kept the rust", tho. thanks very much for posting it!! =)
Cheat City Award of Excellence
A very great job here Kevin. WRITE ON!!
Very catchy poem, well done.
Good rhythm, and I danced along.
Liked this one a lot!!!
I really enjoy narrative poetry! [Re: How to write a poem]
LOVED the poem
Your poetry is really good. I checked off boxes only because it was something to do, but in normal circumstances I would have thought it really inappropriate to comment on such great material. I particularly love the thing about how to be a poet - really spot-on [re: How to write a poem]
We really enjoyed your poem "WHAT IF EVERY MAN YOU MET WAS GOD?", lotsa thoughts to ponder there!
Like your poetry stuff - kinda neat.
Keep up the good work.
Your latest poemetry was, shall we say, dead on!!! [Re: How to write a poem]
Best of the Planet Peoples Choice Award
The Web 5 Awards Banquet 1st Place
Great poem, Kevin!
Loved it! Thanks for posting.
Kule pome!
Wonderful work
You are an incredible poet. You really do capture essences so well. ...The poem makes one feel so light and free. Thank you.
Brilliant. I have printed the poem out to hang on my wall to remind myself not to be a whiner!
Wow Kevin. You are really talented. I love it.
WOW!!!!!! brrrrr!!!!!! shivers!!!
Excellent!! Thanks so much for sharing Kevin!!
... the thing I like about your last two lines of it [Re: How to write a poem], is you capture how seductive pure evil can be and has been.
What I think I like most about your poetry, is no matter what tone level you write about, or what action, or what whatever, incredible ARC and granting of beingness for the topic you are writing about comes through, and this is a considerable skill and makes your poetry a great joy to read.
You have a great skill.
Your stuff is nice
...loved the sheer "music" of your verse :-) bravo!
I loved it -- great poem!!!! Great reading!
Hypnotic. Hypnotic. Hypnotic. Pass the Soma. Give us more.
I love your poetry so much
I've enjoyed the poems you've posted
very cool Kevin!!
Enjoyed 'er all mightily, Kevin, 'ld man... Look ferwerd t' seein' what's next from yer pan. [ Re: Pannin' fer Rhymes]
The Stines Home Award for Excellence
The poems were nice. I have to be honest and say that generally, poems are not my passion, but I enjoyed yours.
Them're gol dern fine words, son. [ Re: Pannin' fer Rhymes]
The western one was great... I will listen for more [ Re: Pannin' fer Rhymes]
Very Very Nice. I really like it.
Great poem!
I was very very amused. Thanks for the smiles!
Cute, I've only panned for gold. I think you did better. [ Re: Pannin' fer Rhymes]
Cool poem!
I really like your poetry... You're one of my favorites on the NG, and I haven't seen anything from you lately. I've saved several of your poems...
...I liked them very much so that I have to ask if there is any advice you could give a young poet at heart. Even though I am at the tender heart of 17 I would like it if you could give me some advice...
That one was a real sicko! I really liked it. I may need to read it a few more times to really get the richness of the slime. Yeah, that was pretty guooey. I really really liked it. [Re: How to write a poem]
But seriously, your writing always creates a story in my mind, which is why I like reading it so much.
Interesting... and dark.
Your how-to-write-poetry satire is excellent
rather clever 'n rustic with plenty of meter and drawl
thanks for those verbose fruits of verbiage pannin'
Ultimate Award
Love the real audio readings. Fantastic! Hope you plan on recording all your works
Ah, Kevin, fine job...loved the dialect!
Brilliant! That really adds dimension to the poem. I never would have imagined it in that way otherwise. [Re: RealAudio version of How to write a poem]
Ah jes luv yer pom, 'n sure as shootin' 'ud luv t' see anuther 'un!!
Reel soon!!
p.s. I really enjoyed your poetry
I am in two minds about this poem. No I'm not. Yes, I am. SHUT UP! It's a great work of artistic, gorgeous, irresistible blithering BALDERDASH! I LOVE it!!! No, I HATE it and I am going to bite you! [Re: Psychiatree]
Very nice my good man, very nice indeed! It was quite fun a read, I'll tell you that at least. Quite fun indeed! Very good satire you made here, I applaud you. [Re: Psychiatree]
i liked the kind of humor you put in [Re: Psychiatree]
hahaha... that was great! i loved it! [Re: Psychiatree]
Good Poem Kevin, I enjoyed it.
Thanks for the great poetry
...some real gems.
Liked your poems and would very much like to add a link to your pages from my homepage.
Wow Kev I'm really impressed with your poetry. Haven't had a chance to read em all but the couple I did I really liked and I am not a poetry lover.
Some good stuff, man! Keep writing.
Keep up the great work
Enjoyed your poetry. The streaming audio is a very kewl idea
...liked your stuff and your bit of wit and humor.. hope you add a lot more soon.. i'll be back
I LOVE your poetry! ...MOST of your work deserves a resoooundddinggg ...................... YYEESSSS!!!!
The Amateur Poetry Journal Poetic Excellence Award
I thought the poetry was definitely worth my time. I liked some more then others, but overall, I like your style of writing, it's a lot more unique, then what I commonly see on the internet..I liked the poem "How to write a poem"
I didn't read all of your stuff, but what I did read was great!
I enjoyed reading your work. Your imagery is very interesting and thought-provoking.
I enjoyed reading the poem "What if every man you met was God?" Excellent.
Enjoy the Fourth with your family and friends, then get back to writing more poems to delight your fans (of which I am one).
You write some really fun, clever, thought-provoking poems... I thoroughly enjoyed your poems page. I've added your site to my 'favorites' list, so I can easily return.
Keep up the good writing.
That was so much fun!
I can't wait to refer your site to people who are also lovers of your art.
Your work is certainly worthy of recommendation, and I wish to recommend it. Hope you don't mind.
 i really like your poetry you're a real / fine poet with a style all your own that i don't see very often
Your poetry is fun and varied, some really thought-provoking
i found a book you had signed and followed your link....marvelous poems....very origional....
....bravo....your poems showed wit and intelligence....
...keep them coming....i'll be checking back......
Some good stuff, man! Keep writing.
I loved the poems. You've got some great stuff here. Keep up the good work...
I'm also awarding you with my "I Believe I Can Fly" award
...your poetry is wonderful.
good one.

The Sky

You made me scream
my jaw is slack
it`s worn from
(it made me throw
the prozac back)

- John:) [Re Psychiatree (a satire in verse)

The Classy Canuck Award
Cool Stop Best of the Cool Award
I am very very very very very impressed!!!!!!! It's original, black, funny, morbid. Inspired by the Divine Comedy, or am I seeing something that isn't there??? [Re: Psychiatree]

i liked the kind of humor you put in

hahaha... that was great! i loved it! [Re: Psychiatree]

Absolutely fantastic! [Re: Psychiatree]

I'm astonished. [Re: Psychiatree]

Well, lately I've been a slacker and haven't been reading a lot of posts thoroughly.. especially long ones! This kept my attention, and made me laugh hysterically. You have serious talent, so thanks for sharing this little "gem" with us! [Re: Psychiatree]

Very nice my good man, very nice indeed! It was quite fun a read, I'll tell you that at least. Quite fun indeed! Very good satire you made here, I applaud you. [Re: Psychiatree]

Great job! Very well-written.

I love it, when I get a little time , I will try my hand at it [Re: Razzmatazz]

Good Job. [Re: Razzmatazz]

Really Nice, that! [Re: Razzmatazz]

Wow. I love it drive-by! You really have a gift. [Re: Stone Age Poet]

Absolutely marvelous! Do you have anything else to throw through the window as you fly by? [Re: Stone Age Poet]

a good funny poem [Re: Stone Age Poet]

yeah, this is cool. It's lighthearted wit doesn't require it to be accessible to be a good read. Reminds me of those token humor scenes classic playwrights used to put in the middle of tragedies to lighten up the atmosphere. Lots of fun. [Re: Stone Age Poet]

Fantastic [Re: Joy of Kitchen]

kewl...I felt it...the poem. I tasted it too! [Re: Vinyl Lovers]

So full of great imagery. Reminded me a lot of T.S.Eliot, I don't know why probably the moral bleakness of the cityscape and sexuality. The word use [of] things like 'their tribal trade' or 'asphalt virginity' or something seems a really good trademark (maybe it is your usual style I don't know) throughout. It's full of all these compelling sidestreets you can wander down. you end up taking in the poem as a sum of all these different glimpses. I can't really crit. because I think its really so good. Most of all,

"melting into morning crowds
to mock the day with sleep"

"their curdled eyes
crusted, curled lips"

which makes me feel nauseous every time. Actually most of the poem made me feel absorbed and repulsed. It was so passionate and passionless if you like. [Ian] [Re: Vinyl Lovers]

Very nice. Like Ian said, both absorbing and repulsive at the same time. The imagery was impressive [Re: Vinyl Lovers]

Hey, one way or the other... I felt your voice, man; that's style, that' classic, that's it. Rip it out, I love your stuff! [Re: Vinyl Lovers]

witty and impressive. i really enjoyed reading this. Enough to *almost* make me want to change my sig to :

We are, nameless,
I-men, striving
far above the beggars notion
of spare change and spartan motion
(less the discipline, of course, and honor too) [Re: i, I ain't]

I've just visited your page, you're very good. If you have yet been published, you should have been. Thank you for sharing.

Ha ha!
Ha ha!

Your Pannin' fer Rhymes
Sure is bitchin'
Streaming like it does
Through my Money speakers

I wish you well
I wish you well

I truly admire your work!!

I visited your web site and really enjoyed your poetry and also your audio readings.

as a psychology major i have to say i appreciated that... gave me a good giggle.... [Re: Psychiatree]

I didn't read all of your stuff, but what I did read was great!

***** I loved most! If I told you how much, your hat wouldn't fit!
I always look for .. and appreciate poems that sparkle....yours do ...
Well, written verse...such scansion.
I have been reading your great page and poetry and makes me wish we could write like that. Wonderful...
I LOVE (OK so I'm yelling!!!) your stuff. It's so great that someone is writing like this in this age, keeping the lingo alive.
Unbelievable. Very strong emotion...
awesome...... you have an awesome sense of words....
I think you definitely have one of the better htmled sites out there... Keep on writing!
GREAT poem kev
I thought you'd like to know that we featured a link to your "poem invasion" on our front page "In the Spotlight" this past week ( I have also added a permanent link to your site in our library of Poets & Performers (
Very cool! Nice rhythm.
Really, really nice, Kevin. That's awesome. Thanks for writing that.
This poem is wonderful!!!!
I like this very much. You are soooooooooooo good!
Magic Window Award
You talkin ta me? This is really good.
This is very cool Kevin, thanks :)
Thanks Kevin, for another jewel!
Consider yourself TOLD! I love it!
Most enjoyable and well "injun-eered." Some real sparkly nuggets. [Re: Pannin' fer Rhymes]
Your poetry is GREAT!!! My favorite poem that you have written was "psychiatree". I laughed my head off.... Thanks so much!
Discuvered yer nuggets at the 
Scarlet Phoenix.
Took a short visit to your site, and will return again to do some more pospectin'.
Happy diggin'! [Re: Pannin' fer Rhymes]
- much more there than I expected.
Wanted to let you know I read your poem [Pannin' fer Rhymes] at my sister's 
site, and I loved it! ... I got a good laugh out of it. It's very clever, and inventive - just wonderful. Thanks for sharing it!
It's wonderful!
I liked your poem "Vinyl Lovers" the best, excellent imagery!
Lightman Award
Hey I liked your poem about panning for words..... a fun perspective on poetry. Thanks!
i have visited here at ur invitation, at the end of a new group posting. i am so glad i did! i will return again, to enjoy at greater leisure, the treasures between the covers of this book. thank you!
Excellent poetry! I loved 
I am...and every word of it true!
Kevin Taylor is one of the more unique poets I have found on the web - a true individual, a thinking man's man. His perspectives on life will amuse and provoke. A fast-rising star!
I was one that buried living verse too... until a few years ago. Funny, I felt like you had written that about me... Keep writing!! You're very good!! [Re: Lady Lady]
that ... was really something! I could feel the ancestry of that style -- unfamiliar and familiar at the same time -- pretty incredible!! [Re: I am]
Great poetry!
I'm SO glad I bumped into your site! I'm just thrilled beyond words (and that's saying something for me!)
Hi! I visited your site today and spent almost two hours engrossed in your work. I was and am completely enthralled... I liked so many..."What if every Man you met was God" and "Razzmatazz" and "How to Write a Poem"...just to name a few... "Pannin' fer Rhymes"!!!
Kevin, that is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read. I really love it. It is beautiful. It is very spiritual in nature...
It is absolutely stunning. [Re: I am]
I found your miku page very enlightening; I loved your mikus and the explanation about haikus was very clear. Your poetry is excellent; you're the first internet poet I've been able to say that to.
I see I'll have to visit more often as I like most of your words - sometimes it's like listening to myself think but with a better way of using the words. (that's a compliment)
Your poetry is GREAT!!! My favorite poem that you have written was "psychiatree". I laughed my head off.
I liked your poem "Vinyl Lovers" the best, excellent imagery!
Cultural Excellence Site Award
Russian Inspection Design Award
Oh Kevin, what wonderful poems!!....I really loved the time I spent in your pages.I'm definitely coming back for more...
Hi, Just thought I'd tell you that I don't think the poetry you have posted would belong on my page... Considering it's 
The Bad Poetry Page, that's a compliment. Great style and use of rhyme and meter without much pretention. :)
I enjoyed your poetry...
Ver-r-r-r-r-y Nice. This is my second visit and I will return again and again. For a poetry fix, this will do very nicely.
The raw insane joy of this one is delightful. [Re: Happy Birthday, Marianne!]
Excellence in Web Design
Insight award
I am extremely pleased to award your website, poem invasion, with not only the Insight Award, but the Excellence in Web Design Award. Your site is the first to receive both... I loved your work. Short and simple....yet it spoke volumes. Heartfelt and very moving.
The Creative Warehouse '98 Creativity Silver Award
Nikka's Award for Creativity
Spectacular poem! [Re: Aurora Angelis]
Yours [poetry] is very often artistically (bleep)ing brilliant
Such a fine poem. It gave me chills. [Re: Aurora Angelis]
You wrote some very nice poetry.
Oh Kevin!!! How you break my heart with such exquisite poetry! Your talent remains my inspiration and my hope ... you touched me in a very special way...
It's lovely and I thank you from my heart. [Re: Aurora Angelis]
Amazingly exquisite.. [Re: Aurora Angelis]
Love it! [Re: Aurora Angelis]
You have such a gift of expression with words. But I really appreciate your boldness to look into the social 'unmentionables' such as in:
"What if every man you met was God?"
I frig around with words to be clever. You paint life with words...
You're a trip Kevin. Thank you
By the way, I also liked your latest poems
I love your poetry.
Very sweet. I like it.
 [Re: Pretend...]
Wow! I really like this one -- you are GOOD. [Re: Pretend...]
Making me smile as usual, Kevin! [Re: Pretend...]
You are too cute! :) [Re: Pretend...]
Vintage Taylor!
Very nice.
This is adorable. It completely made my morning. Thanks. [Re: Pretend...]
I love reading your poetry. I read "Pretend" out loud. It has a nice cadence and flow to it and sounds especially good read aloud. From the sound of your poetry you strike me as being a free spirit, much like myself. I truly enjoyed your poems...
Hey Kevin....great poetry....definitely some of the best I've read on the Internet!! was time very well spent! Keep're very talented!
Terrific poetry and also great design and RealAudio mastery. It was a great inspiration for me. Congratulations on all your great work.
You have written some talented poems here. I like the dialectical nature of "Pannin' fer Rhymes", and the one about God.
Hey there Kevin... I enjoyed the poem I heard and will be back. Random comment: your voice reminds me of the writer "Slackjaw" (Jim Kneipl, I think) at the free Manhattan weekly New York Press.....
So far, my favorite is The Fishers' Sea.
...had to drop by and check out your poems. I must say that they have a strong creative force behind them, and they are most definitely thought-provoking regardless of whether or not one agrees with you. Keep up the great work
Your professionalism is showing.
As usual, I love your poems. I get something I read them. I love them all. Post more.
Arghhh! I have been slain by the infamous Drive-By Poet!
Oh, pity my rotting corpse.
Very nice. Dude, your multiple skills are amazing.
Hey, I really like this very much. Would it be alright if I shared this with some faculty ... who in turn may like to share it with some kids. Its very inspirational!
I really enjoy your stuff!
Wow! Perhaps not the most creative response to your poetry, but an honest one. :-) You have a great web-site, I really liked the real-audio as well. Great Job!
I've just read "The Fishers' Sea." It is beautiful, and you do have a bit of Shakespeare about you! I've also read some of the love poems. They're beautiful...
My, my... this is wonderful..
I very much enjoyed your work
Everything about your site is elegant. I especially like your section on miku. I haven't seen much of it elsewhere and you can bet I lapped it all up :-) Sometimes, less is truly more.
Your poetry is altogether beautiful.
I have really enjoyed reading your poetry...
3 Star Award
Great Side Award
Your poetry was great.
Your poems are very good..
You have a wonderful site here. I know you already know it so I won't go into great length explaining the wonders your site provides. But I will say that it was very soothing for me to visit here, especially after a particularly hectic and rather hellish day. Your site reminded me of a nice cool which we try to enjoy to the fullest. Peaceful is another word I would use as well. ... Take care, and please, don't ever stop your inspirational writing...and I do mean more then the poems you so knowledgably type out.
I loved your poetry.... thank you for a most enjoyable time....
God, you're good!
Hi Kevin! I just got back from your site. Your poetry is beautiful!
Love your poem!! You're getting better and better, which is to say, more and more superior! [Re: Angelness]
Cool poems.
Terras World Award
Award of Excellence
I really like the look and feel of your site. Well Done. The poetry is a strange combination of emotion and intellect.
Best Design Award... It is one of the best design poetry pages I have visited.
WoW ... WoW... How did you get so good? Your poetry is very good. I enjoyed reading it. my favorite poem was "I'm a Union Poet"... it's really cool!!!
You are a very good writer. A lot of people think that rhyming poetry is childish but I think that it is beautiful. I lose interest in most poems that do not rhyme because they seem so much more like a story, don't get me wrong there are many I am very fond of but I like the way the words flow so smoothly when it rhymes. It just makes them fit so much nicer.... wonderful job. If I had to choose one of your poems to comment on it would have to be Irish Ditty. So true. I give your site a thumbs up.
I... was thoroughly entertained.
I enjoyed your poems thoroughly. You certainly have a unique way with words. I especially liked "Angelness" and "Irish Ditty".
your poem- "angelness" makes me realize that we really are here to get our wings...
Your poetry is beautiful.
I am flabbergasted! I am not however going to tell you that your poetry is fated for the top ten in publications. Don't get me wrong Kevin, it is very, very good! It just seems that rhyming poetry doesn't get the recognition it deserves most times, unless in greeting cards. Personally I was tickled by your writings, and were I a publisher, I would grab you and run.
Your poetry reads like some of the children's books I've seen and loved. It takes a lot of talent to write for children, and you seem to have that magical quality.
What a wonderful site. I love to find a page that keeps me up way too late! The book format is very cool.... But, the words. Ah, the words! So much more than language when the attitude is just right.
Hot Site of the Week Contest!
Cool poems.
I like this one... [Re: See-sawn summers]
...very much enjoyed the Miku!
Frankly, besides yourself, I do not know any real live poets; they are a very rare breed. Many of the self-proclaimed poets on the web that I have seen think poetry is rhyme, or they have some romantic notion about poets and think it's cool to "be" one. A poet is a creator, a maker of thought pictures with the music of the human voice, a skill that I do not believe can be acquired. The more significant the thought, the better the artist. One can develop the talent but not acquire it. In my mind there is a very close affinity between poetry, the visual arts and music... The world needs more poets,artists, and musicians, I believe.
I found your site and read a nunber of your poems, which I enjoyed very much.
I LOVE THIS ONE! [Re: Between]
I loved! that poem! It made me laugh out loud! So nice, I got right along with that voice too and loved words like cluttered off to hell. Great. [Re: Raggey Boney Soul]
... you will be very happy to know that I went to your site and find your... works... so beautiful that I have been revitalized! I'm sitting here at work right now feeling all tingly and very exterior and serene. You are an incredible poet!
I am going to visit your site again when I have more time so I don't miss a single ounce of the aesthetic waves which emanate from it!
... thanks for the good read
Nice job on "Between". Good catch line, solid images.
I liked your poem, "Desolation".
"Desolation" is still a good poem...
I went to your page and the poetry was VERY good.
i love your poetry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
... saw yer poem - Angelness - it was great!
You are truly talented.
You were chosen as one of Netscape's Sites of the day. I have no idea how one is chosen, but I am certainly glad you were.
Just breezed through your pages and will definitely be back for more. What I want to know is, where do you find your words? Keep pen to paper, fingers to keyboard. Your words are definitely worthy.
The poems are wonderful.... Thanks for the inspiration!
I rarely, if ever sign a guestbook. I had to write to you to let you know how much I love your poetry. You write with such diverse styles and ideas. I was captivated by so many of your works. I shall visit you often. You have such talent! Thanks for sharing.
i enjoy reading your poems. thx
I enjoyed your perception of love. I am a hopeless romance junkie. The poetry on your site touched me on an emotional level. Thanks!!!!!
Another gentle soul airs its joys and woes. You are a remarkable wordsmith. As an aside, I grew up in the shadow of Mr. Ben King; his granite image stands unblinking in the park in my home town, on the banks of the old St. Joe.
New to the Net Award [March 23, 1999]
Intriguing page, I like...
Nice work Kevin!!
i enjoyed reading poems from love and spiritually... i hope to read more the next time i surf......
Your poems were just beautiful. A few of them "really" touched me! You are very talented.
hi... i think all these poems are so great... i love the love poems they are really sweet and have lots of meaning... love you... new fan
Your poetry is delightful...
Great poem. [Re: I am not your teacher...]
Great Poem Kevin !!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I love the way it ends!!!!!!! [Re: I am not your teacher...]
You have a way of expressing simplicities.
I like this poem a lot. [Re: I am not your teacher...]
Excellent job. I love the pulsing rhythms, swaying back and forth. The best line is the last. [Re: I am not your teacher...]
I really like this poem. [Re: I am not your teacher...]
ABSOLUTELY adored "Beside You" as a particularly clever poem, deeper than it looks at first value!!!
Loved this one! Very powerful verse below. I especially liked the last line! [Re: I am not your teacher...]

I am not your keeper,
keeping keepless vigils kept.
Much less your sentinel -
your king, your judge, your fool.
I am the am of I. Alone. One-All.

Love the message and the illustration of phrasing. [Re: I am not your teacher...]
Wow, Kevin, a muse is on your shoulder I see. Excellent work. I especially loved Last Will [To the wind, these words...] Meaningful testament.
...[Re: To the wind, these words...] sticks with me. What a grand wish, to bequeath a sense of self to those without it.
Marvelous. The whole thing was just marvelous and much larger than its few phrases. [Re: To the wind, these words...]
Nice work Kevin! [Re: To the wind, these words...]
hmmmm... Very thought provoking...I like that:) [Re: Named]
TOUCHÈ! [Re: Been a while?]
I found myself reading this over and over taking in each word. What a beautiful message you created so eloquently of Love, Life, and Hope!!!!! Thank you for sharing, It is Brillant !!!! [Re: To the wind, these words...]
I wanted to thank you for your poem. This poem is so profound, and so packed with insinuation, I had to read it several times to really take it all in. [Re: Incandescent]
Nice poem. Thanks. I liked it a lot. Almost sounded like it could be a Rod Stewart song. Even if you might not like Rod Stewart, that's a compliment. [Re: To the wind, these words...]
... you are full of talent... Keep up the writing so we who enjoy good poetry will always have something to look forward to... a new fan.... forever...
That's a downright beeyootiful poem. Dearly loved it! [Re: To the wind, these words...]
tour de force! Very well done - and very appropriate denouement. [Re: To the wind, these words...]
Good stuff, Kevin [Re: To the wind, these words...]
Another good one! [Re: To the wind, these words...]
a helluva toast! [Re: To the wind, these words...]
Very good job [Re: To the wind, these words...]
Your poetry has in itself many colors and moods combined.
I find that your poetry is of great emotion and depth ... wonderful usage of words... thank you for the wonderful moments I had reading your poems. "Sometime" moved me .
great stuff...... I love the irish ditty......
I very thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent here.You definitely, in my book, qualify as a poet!!! ...I can now call myself an avid Kevin fan!!!!
I went to your site, it's wonderful.
i liked the poetry
The poetry is wonderful.
Spirituality is a fantastic piece and caught my eye immediately. Your writing flows well and you use rhyme to good effect. I found great rhythm in your work.
rhythm very pleasing...
. . .wow. This is an amazing page. The graphics and design fit the subject of this page wonderfully, and the poetry itself is superb! Keep up the good work and keep the poems coming!
I've just begun to browse, but wanted to say that you have a wonderful ear for words. I'm enjoying your verses immensely.
Beautiful work, especially "I am" -- very nice style... Bravo!
My heart and mind have been stirred.
by the by, i was looking... and i'm pretty blown away by the format -- very, very handsome layout, good colors, and that signet is )(*&)& LIVE, man. solid work, too. sites like yours are a benchmark for me... -- John Kusch Editor, ISLANDLIFE 956

"Excellent! Darkly elegant!" CE

"Powerful. Each word had its weight and none extra. All did heavy lifting." CT

"What I read is celestial!!" ARB

(Comments from Kevin Taylor’s website,, on which many of the poems in this book can be found.)

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