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Hear NPR's review of this translator's work. Read reviews of this translator's work.

"These new dramatic releases provide us once again with that powerful and direct style of translation for which Professor Johnston has become known. Students reading these translations will have no doubt of the passion and issues raised by the plays."

Princeton Professor Emerita.Elaine Fantham



Hello. I'm a student at the University of Illinois - Chicago and am a big fan of your work. I strangely find myself coming back again and again to your work in Johnstonia, leaving each time with a satisfying reading experience. As I'm sure you are acutely aware, your work has a certain pristine quality to it that other translations fall short of.  The clarity of your expression (and the accuracy too) is quite remarkable. I've long been a fan of your translation of the Iliad---now that the Odyssey's here, I can't be happier. Do you have a fairly modern translation of Lysistrata? I love the translation of Oedipus the King I wish to congratulate you on a fine translation of Homers epic poem. For poetic content, I always favored Lattimer's translation. (Who else rendered English into the Greek favored Spondaic Hexameter?) But for flow and understanding, you translation is, in my humble opinion, vastly superior.



On behalf [of our] Classics Society, I would like to request your permission to use your translation of Aristophanes' Clouds for our performance of the play in February. Dr Paola Ceccarelli recommend your translation which is by far our favourite and we would be most grateful if you would permit us to use it. I realize that it would be something of a trek from Canada, but should you find yourself in the country we would, of course, be delighted if you'd care to attend as our guest of honour.
Durham, England



Thank you so much for you e-text translations of Euripides and Aristophanes.  I am home schooling my children in Lima, Peru where we cannot access English libraries.  My daughter who is in tenth grade is reading through the classic literature. The translations I found of Euripides' 'The Bacchae' and Aristophanes' 'Peace', 'Birds', and 'Frogs' were not very good.  I thank you so much for providing a much clearer translation in a format that we can access.
Lima, Peru


Thank you so much for the translation of "The Frogs" you have made available on the web. I am going to see the play performed tonight at the ancient theatre in Argos and I'm sure I'll get a lot more out of it thanks to your efforts. I compared a few translations but yours seemed the most satisfying. The notes are very useful, too - I might have got the mythological references, and even some of the literary ones, but gay Athenians, ghost writers and crooked laundry keepers would have passed me by.



I want to thank you, first, for your excellent translation of Aristophanes' Frogs.  I have used it with great success in an undergraduate course this term.
Furman University



Excellent translation, easy to read, wonderful entry to epic Greek poems.


My wife and I will be seeing Aristophanes' Birds next week at Stratford, Ontario, and in preparation for the event, we've been looking for a version of the play to read. We thank you for your eminently readable and entertaining comedy, in a language that would play very well on the stage these days.



As part of the drama minor programme, I am producing The Bacchae, and I've decided to use your translation. Having read your translation for my Greek Tragedy class, I found your version surprisingly accessible for a translation thatís so faithful to the Greek. (Fredericton)



I want my high school juniors to read Medea. It's the first semester for teaching Greek Drama at a new school. I've look through translations and I like yours best.
Nashville, Tennessee


I found your translation of  Antigone and decided to produce it as my thesis project for my Masters of Arts in Theatre Production. . .  I preferred the readability of your translation as well as the fact that it did not try to make the language sound too modern (as Corrigan's often sounds). I wanted to perform the play that Sopholces wrote which led me away from adaptations and toward translations instead.
Ellensburg, Washington


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