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Read what others have said about this book.


"These new dramatic releases provide us once again with that powerful and direct style of translation for which Professor Johnston has become known. Students reading these translations will have no doubt of the passion and issues raised by the plays."

Princeton Professor Emerita.Elaine Fantham


I want my high school juniors to read Medea. It's the first semester for teaching Greek Drama at a new school. I've look through translations and I like yours best.
Nashville, Tennessee


Thank you so much for you e-text translations of Euripides and Aristophanes.  I am home schooling my children in Lima, Peru where we cannot access English libraries.  My daughter who is in tenth grade is reading through the classic literature. The translations I found of Euripides' 'The Bacchae' and Aristophanes' 'Peace', 'Birds', and 'Frogs' were not very good.  I thank you so much for providing a much clearer translation in a format that we can access.
Lima, Peru


I read the text on Bacchae and I found it very useful.




An adult Shakespeare Group . . . in Melbourne, Australia, of which I am the tutor, sometimes, as a break from Shakespeare, looks at other major dramas. Last year I was very keen that we should take on Aeschylus' "The Oresteia Trilogy" but we had difficulty in finding a suitable translation.  Our Group . . . came across your translation on the internet and was very taken with it. So it was downloaded and copied and . . . read to great effect. A former Melbourne headmaster and also a classicist followed the original text as we read and was full of admiration for the translation.
Melbourne, Australia


For my Classical Literature class, I have made great use of your translation of Agamemnon, its considerably easier and more understandable language helped me a lot regarding it more correctly than the version we were given.
Ankara, Turkey


I want to thank you, first, for your excellent translation of Aristophanes' Frogs.  I have used it with great success in an undergraduate course this term. It is a Mythology

Furman University


I have found your very good translation of "Agamemnon" which, if you allow me, I would like to quote (just the first 30 vs) in my work on Clement of Alexandria.

University College, Chichester, UK


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