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Hear NPR's review of this translator's work. Read reviews of this translator's work.

Dear sir: I heard your translation of Homer on NPR recently and was impressed by the clarity and readability of your language. I am an English teacher in Connecticut and am always trying to introduce students to more Homer. (Waterford, CT)


I discovered your Iliad and Odyssey texts on line three years ago, and have used them ever since for my grade 9 gifted students in a high school program. . . . Like many of your other admirers, I really like your translation. (Toronto)


I have read the first chapter of your translation of The Iliad on line, and was so pleased that I will be ordering this as well your version of The Odyssey. I have a copy of the Iliad translated by Samuel Butler, which I attempted to read for the first time after my 8 year old son read Mary Pope Osborne's rendition of The Odyssey, but I did not have the same success he had. I think I'll be more successful with your translation. (Toronto)


Your translation is so much easier to understand than any other publication available. Even what we have read online has helped my son who is encountering this epic for his first time ever as a high school freshman.


I am a pre-service teacher in California. As I was doing my fieldwork I came across the Ian Johnston translation of The Odyssey, which I then showed to my master teacher. He liked the translation so much that he wants to use it exclusively in his classes. When I get my own classroom, I plan to always use the Ian Johnson translation of any text that is available. These texts are far superior for the secondary classroom setting and I am so excited that I found them. I just wanted to say thank you for making available such a useful classroom tool.

Jaime A.


Excellent translation, easy to read, wonderful entry to epic Greek poems


I wish to congratulate you on a fine translation of Homers epic poem. For poetic content, I always favored Lattimer's translation. (Who else rendered English into the Greek favored Spondaic Hexameter?) But for flow and understanding, you translation is, in my humble opinion, vastly superior. Again I offer thanks and congratulations for your fine work.
Best wisher,
Bert F.


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