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Why Should I Buy This Book?


After having released new translations in 2006 of the Iliad and the Odyssey in a modern English poetic form to rave reviews, Richer Resources Publications this year added to our classic titles new abridged version of these epic tales. Particularly suited to the high school and college-university level student, these translations retain the cadence, clarity and spirit of the original.

As with the full versions of the Iliad and the Odyssey, we expect these new works will become the preferred translation in high schools, colleges and universities both here and around the world.

Homer's Iliad and Odyssey have long been considered two of the great books of western literature.  They, along with such classics as Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, the works of Shakespeare and Mark Twain, give us the best in Earth's literary history.  Packed with history, science and philosophy, these books make up the entire curriculum of some college institutions, such as St. John's College in Annapolis, MD, founded in 1784. The theory behind the Great Books Program is that, in these books lies the greatest wisdom and teachings of the last 5,000 years of earth's history. Who would not benefit from reading such books?

The problem arises with some of these texts when one realizes that they were written in ancient languages and then translated into 16th and 17th century English, which in many cases is as much Greek to the modern reader as Greek itself. While there do exist some more modern translations, few lend themselves to the general readership of the 21st century.

Here, now, exists a new translation, faithful to Homer's beautiful poetic rendition, yet fully understandable by the common reader. Richer Resources Publications is proud to present this new translation by Ian Johnston. If ever you've wanted to read these classics, but were backed off by older English translations, these books are here for you as your introduction to two of the greatest classics of all time. They are the perfect translation for colleges, libraries, universities, high schools and home schoolers, as well as the casual reader.

A recording of the complete translation of this book is also available from Naxos Books. The Iliad, read by Anton Lesser (ISBN 9-626344-28-8) is available through the Naxos internet web site at:

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At Richer Resources, we are dedicated to the creation of high quality books, art and other media intended to enrich the lives of individuals of all ages. 
As an independent publisher, we are bound by a sense of integrity and quality to produce products which enhance the lives and vision of individuals everywhere.

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